Baby Yoga


Baby yoga is for babies a few weeks old to non mobile babies.  It is beneficial for all babies to help them reach all their milestones, like rolling, sitting, crawling, standing and walking. Our classes are very interactive and include a few stretches for parents too as well as focusing on group bonding.  We follow EYFS and SEN guidelines, so our classes are also educational as well as having many physical, social and emotional benefits, such as; aiding digestion, colic and constipation, flexibility, strength, co-ordination, body awareness, tracking, sensory, bonding and they sleep incredibly well afterwards :) 


We use music, rhyme, song and props to enhance the fun element of the class. All the body parts are exercised and tummy time is always encouraged to help to strengthen the spine for great posture.  the classes change from weeks to week, although the structure of the class stays the same as this is how our babies learn.


We include some fun breathing techniques to help to keep us energized and we always end with snuggles, cuddles and bubbles at the end.


Sorry Classes Currently on hold due o Covid-19


Private and nursery classes available on request.  


Toddler Yoga


Toddler yoga is for babies on the move to around 3 years and is quite energetic the class includes, yoga stretches, light gymnastics, sensory, rhyme, music, dancing and story time.  This is very interactive class which has the same structure but the body of the class changes from week to week.


This class is fabulous for bonding and learning how to play physically with your child. It will help your child with body awareness, confidence, self esteem, flexibility, strength, sleep, digestion and will also help to go get them ready to join nursery by learning turn taking and patience as well as language, listening and communication skills.


Toddler Yoga is only currently available within Nurseries