Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is currently not running as a stand alone class, but you are more than welcome to join one of the beginners classes as adaptations are give for pregnancy in this class.  

Pregnancy yoga is very adaptable to your needs and is ideal for preparing your body for pregnancy and birth...I am a fully qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and breathing techniques as well as safe stretches which will benefit you during your pregnancy as well as before and after labour.


Private pregnancy yoga classes can be given to individuals, small group of Friends, NCT Groups or similar on your premises at intervals to suit you. One to one classes £35 plus £1 per mile over 5 miles from TF7 postcode or £20 via Zoom link.




We take a few minutes before we start with our initial introductions and chatting amongst our new found friends regarding pregnancy related issues then we warm up the body to some lively music, shaking our joints and doing some light aerobic style movements to release frustrations from our busy day,  loosen your joints, get your circulation flowing and warm up your muscles which will help to release your energy blocks ready to start a short meditation before our practice.

Flowing Sequences & Postures


Practice sequences & postures that are safe for all trimesters, where postures are adapted for anyone with specific health problems.


Specific postures are practised to help with your flexibility, strength, energy flow, fatigue and get your body well prepared for the big day!


Yoga is known to help regulate blood pressure, help with circulation, swollen ankles and other related problems experienced during pregnancy.



Breathing Techniques & Deep Relaxation


Learn useful Breathing Techniques to help during your pregnancy to keep hormones in control.


Learn useful Breathing Techniques to help to get you through all the transitions of labour


Learn useful Breathing Techniques to help with the early stages of motherhood and keep you sane!


Enjoy deep relaxation through visualisations like; drifting on a cloud, lying on a beautiful beach, in a woodland or in your own special place or enjoy a guided relaxation and meditation.


Relaxation and meditation helps to keep you calm and a calm mummy will hopefully produce a calm baby.