Private Yoga or Pilates Classes or a mix of both for one or a group of 5 people


£35 within 5 miles of TF7 add £1 per mile if over 5 miles from TF7 Postcode. Due to Covid-19 classes will be delivered in your garden or home following Covid-19 guidelines. Alternatively you can book a Live Online class for 45 minutes at a cost of £25. 

Register your interest here and Michele will get in touch to arrange a suitable time.


There are different reasons why people choose to have private one to one classes, it could be that you struggle to get to group classes due to work or family commitments or it maybe that you suffer from anxiety or depression and find it difficult to join groups or maybe your health or even lack of transport prevents you from attending classes.  Whatever the reason, classes can be provided within your own home or at Your chosen venue.


You will be contacted on registering for a friendly chat to be assessed and a lesson plan of yoga or Pilates will be written especially for you depending on your reasons for wanting classes.  It maybe a more mindful class you are looking for or more of a physical challenge, whatever it is we will agree a plan of action each time we meet.


You can have classes as often or little as you wish.