Yoga for Schools and Nurseries


There are amazing benefits to had bringing yoga into your school or nursery and there has been some fabulous feedback from parents when their babies and children who have participated in classes.


Book just one class for a special event, a term of classes or on-going classes for your school or nursery at any time of day - Before classes, during lunch break or as an after school activity.

Award Winning Baby Yoga classes in your Nursery


You can choose to invite parents or visiting parents if you wish...this can be a way of promoting your nursery to parents looking for a nursery place before they go back to work. Alterntively you can keep the sessions just for the children that already attend.


You don't need one to one just the normal child to adult ratio as set out by the government guidlines.  Exercises are done in rotation but no child is made to participate if they don't want to...Some children need to see the class in action several times before they join in, but will often do the exercises at home where they are more confident.


You may have a dedicated room, but if you don't you can just clear a space.All equipment is provided

Award Winning Children's Yoga Classes in Your School


Yoga is becomming increasinly popular in schools espesically around SATs time.  The effects it has on children is amazing espically with more and more children suffering with anxiety and stress.


Yoga is performed through a story after a fun warm up session and then yoga games are played to help with peer bonding, trust, confidence and self-esteem as well as problem solving and working in partners or as a team.


All classes follow EYFS and can be made to fit in with the ciriculum


You can have a one off class, a block of classes or a regular class either before, during or after school.

Yoga for Staff in School or Nurseries


It is no suprise that one of the biggest factors for sickness within schools is stress, so why not have a class for your staff in school. This could lead to less time off sick and have a happier workforce.


You can have a one off class at the end of term meeting or a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly class.