Benefits of Corporate Yoga & How It Works


  • Less sick days, re-energise, clear the mind to make better decisions, less fatigue, less back ache, happier environment.

  • Some people worry that doing yoga during lunch time would make them feel too relaxed to work in the afternoon, however you will actually feel quite the opposite...yes you will feel calm and chilled, but also energised and empowered.....the combination of stretching and breathing techniques will give you a feeling of vitality and rejuvenation without getting all sweaty!

  • Not much room for a class?  Classes can be in a dedicated room but don't worry they can be adapted; even standing near or sitting at your desk.

  • Can provide classes daily or monthly, before work, during lunch time or after work.

  • Classes can be subsidised or paid for by the employer as part of a health and wellbeing programme or paid for by the staff.

  • Classes from £40 depending on location and numbers