Testimonials and Reviews


Adult Yoga Reviews:


John Steele said: "Many thanks for enlightening me in the practice of yoga, I have loved every minute. Even though I'm still a novice, the well structured classes have helped my posture and flexibility, as well as providing a calming window in the week when I can escape and unwind. I would not hesitate in recommending the classes and getting involved. From now on, yoga will be an integral part of my fitness regime"


Janine Kitson said "Absolutely fabulous mindful yoga session delivered by Michele. Just what I needed to find calm in a busy world. Can't wait for the next one". 


Christine Smith said "I attend Michele's adult yoga in Lilleshall and would highly recommend her classes to anyone. She makes it fun,interesting and beneficial all at the same time. Every Monday after class, I am energised and amazed that gentle exercises can be so effective. I have a condition affecting muscles and joints and Michele's type of yoga has helped enormously. Michele always explains how the exercises will help; she encourages and never pushes any of us to do more than we feel comfortable doing. I particularly like the creative approach Michele has as she varies the exercises each week building on skills learnt in previous sessions. Each session finishes with relaxation and I can honestly say I'm always surprised when it's relaxation time as the exercise time goes quickly - no clock watching at all which I have been guilty of when attending other yoga classes in the past. Exercise with enjoyment!"


Pregnancy Yoga Reviews:


Hazel Burden said: "I Have been going to pregnancy yoga for the last 5 months and have loved every week. Michele is great fun, very tuned in to people's individual needs and makes the classes very sociable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend. Made me feel so much more flexible and agile during my pregnancy".


Amy Steele said:  "I started pregnancy yoga classes with Michele when I was around 15 weeks pregnant and can honestly say I loved every session! I found it so relaxing especially on those weeks where you had to really summon the energy to go the benefits I felt were most definitely worth it. The various breathing techniques taught during the sessions were invaluable and enabled me to stay in the comfort of my own home until 2 hours before my son safely arrived at hospital. Thank you Michele for all of your support, Harry and I can't wait to see you in baby yoga very soon. X"


Baby Yoga Reviews:


Caroline ******* said: "I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you.  My maternity leave has been very difficult with my own ill health, my baby's acute colic and her sleeping difficulties, on more than one occasion I have felt myself sliding towards post natal depression.  Baby Yoga with you has been instrumental in stopping this from happening.  I'm so grateful to you for yoga and massage techniques that have never failed to help me but also for happy memories of my weekly sessions that have helped me to bond with my baby."


Abby Jones said "There are no words to describe how amazing Michelle is. My daughter used to go to baby yoga and loved every minute of it. Unfortunatly I had to return to work and could no longer make it. This week my daughter suffered with constipation after being to the doctors and being prescribed medicine still no movement for 5 days. 5 minutes today with Michelle and my little girl is back to her old self after filling her nappy I finally and thankfully have my little girl back!! I can't praise and recommend Michelle enough!! She's amazing!!!"


Sarah Dunn said "We have attended Michelle's yoga classes since Thomas was about 3 months old and he has absolutely loved them. He is now 2.5 yrs old and the content has grown with him. I would highly recommend attending whether little one is a few months or a few years old"


Lynn Fielder said:  "I started going to the baby yoga classes run by Michele on the recommendation of a friend and my health visitor, so I knew the classes had a good reputation before I went. I really enjoy going – the classes are tailored for specific age groups and the groups aren’t large so you get to know everyone quite quickly. The yoga exercises are easy to learn and fun for the babies, and there are stretches and exercises for parents too. No two classes are the same and you don’t do the same exercises week in, week out.

Michele really makes the classes for me – she’s always smiling, outgoing and easily approachable and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Michele is clearly knowledgeable and always explains which exercises we’re doing and what benefits the exercises have. Michele will always look out for anyone who is struggling and will cheerfully repeat her instructions so everyone is included, and she’s very hands-on too so if anyone seems unsure about an exercise she will show them how it’s done, either with their own baby or with ‘Bendy Billy’. Michele isn’t a teacher who just gives instructions and lets the attendees do the work, she is more than happy to pick up a baby and work with them and the parent, and for me that’s a sign of an excellent teacher who knows what she’s talking about because she’s confident enough to put it into practice herself. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michele to anyone!"



Teacher Training Reviews:  


Katy Brown said:  I completed my children’s yoga training with Michele this summer and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was fun, really professional, in depth and practical. Michele managed to balance the yoga with child development and education perfectly. Coming from a Nursery background and having an understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage I could see straight away that this was embedded Michele’s course which is so important if you want to get a paid placement in a Nursery. 
 On a personal level it has refreshed my whole approach to early years and given me so much more confidence. Michele is a warm and supportive teacher and in this kind of environment you can learn so much. 
I have brought the children’s yoga into my nursery setting and I have had so much lovely feedback from children and parents. Michele understands both yoga and children really well which you can tell from the course. It’s such a brilliant course. Do it!


Kimberley, Nichola, Claire, Jessica (Dingle Lane Children's Centre) said:  "Really enjoyed the course - Michelle and her knowledge has enabled me to feel confident in delivering yoga to parents" "Thank you to Michelle - She was lovely and a very good yoga teacher"  " Really enjoyed it, teacher was well prepared and delivered in clear and easy way" "I feel Michele confidently and clearly delivered the information. I feel more confident in my abilities. I really enjoyed the training and I look forward to any addition training that may arise in the futrue".


Suzanne Turner said:  "Michele is a passionate trainer with great knowledge of teaching, exercise and the business surrounding the mother and child yoga market. I would highly recommend Michele to anyone who is interested in training in this arena."


Gill Qunnell said: " Michele is a passionate and professional baby yoga instructor and teacher. She exudes warmth and provides a learning environment with the ethos of working together. Michele shows an excellent enthusiasm for her teaching and classes, which is reflected by her classes being very much sought after. Her subject matter knowlegde, integrity and creativity are second to none. I would highly recommend her teacher training services.” 


Nursery & School Reviews


Caroline Cooper, Nursery Manager said:  "Michele has been coming to Busy Bees, St Matthews Nursery to conduct yoga sessions within our baby & toddler rooms since April 2009. Right from tiny babies to 3 year olds the response from the children is unbelievable. It is amazing to see how well the children adapt and respond to learning new skills in such a short space of time. Even after just one session the children anticipate the next move. Yoga benefits the children’s flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Michele has a very friendly and positive approach to teaching the yoga and obviously has a wide knowledge base within the field she teaches."

Laura Saunders

PSHE leader - Market Drayton Junior School said:

Michele delivered four mornings of yoga to children from across the school as part of our PSHE focus upon positive mental health. In total, she taught 12 mixed age classes (ages 7 - 11) using a story telling approach to ensure that the yoga was accessible to all of the children, regardless of age. All of the sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by children and teachers alike. Michele was always prompt and professional and I would highly recommend her to you.