Testimonials and Reviews


Adult Yoga Reviews:

Viv Beale said: I just wanted to say, I absolutely loved this evenings yoga class. I am so pleased with what i was able to do, although not all we’re probably the correct positions

I wish i could attend a class every night as i feel so good afterwards. Since losing xxxx there has been a constant pain through my body but yoga helps this so much. You’re amazing- thank you so much. See you next week- can’t wait!!

John Steele said: "Many thanks for enlightening me in the practice of yoga, I have loved every minute. Even though I'm still a novice, the well structured classes have helped my posture and flexibility, as well as providing a calming window in the week when I can escape and unwind. I would not hesitate in recommending the classes and getting involved. From now on, yoga will be an integral part of my fitness regime"


Janine Kitson said "Absolutely fabulous mindful yoga session delivered by Michele. Just what I needed to find calm in a busy world. Can't wait for the next one". 


Christine Smith said "I attend Michele's adult yoga in Lilleshall and would highly recommend her classes to anyone. She makes it fun,interesting and beneficial all at the same time. Every Monday after class, I am energized and amazed that gentle exercises can be so effective. I have a condition affecting muscles and joints and Michele's type of yoga has helped enormously. Michele always explains how the exercises will help; she encourages and never pushes any of us to do more than we feel comfortable doing. I particularly like the creative approach Michele has as she varies the exercises each week building on skills learnt in previous sessions. Each session finishes with relaxation and I can honestly say I'm always surprised when it's relaxation time as the exercise time goes quickly - no clock watching at all which I have been guilty of when attending other yoga classes in the past. Exercise with enjoyment!"

Chair Yoga Reviews:

June Barns said:  "Since coming to Michele's Chair Yoga Classes my gait, mobility and posture has improved. I couldn't lift my one arm very high when I started and now I have a wide range of movement. My daughter is amazed at the level of improvement. Thank you Michele for all the planning of the classes making them different each week and fun.to attend. Its such a lovely group!"

Pilates Reviews:

Nichola said:  "I have had problems with my back due to an accident where my spine needed surgery.  I attended Michele's classes to help to strengthen my back as it was constantly sore, since attending her classes my back feels so much stronger and has made a massive improvement to my core strength."

Pregnancy Yoga Reviews:


Hazel Burden said: "I Have been going to pregnancy yoga for the last 5 months and have loved every week. Michele is great fun, very tuned in to people's individual needs and makes the classes very sociable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend. Made me feel so much more flexible and agile during my pregnancy".


Amy Steele said:  "I started pregnancy yoga classes with Michele when I was around 15 weeks pregnant and can honestly say I loved every session! I found it so relaxing especially on those weeks where you had to really summon the energy to go the benefits I felt were most definitely worth it. The various breathing techniques taught during the sessions were invaluable and enabled me to stay in the comfort of my own home until 2 hours before my son safely arrived at hospital. Thank you Michele for all of your support, Harry and I can't wait to see you in baby yoga very soon. X"