• Michele Burton

Am I too old to start yoga?

Absolutely not!! Yoga can be practiced at any age and has tremendous benefits for the more senior man or woman...I have the more mature yogi join in with many of my classes and tend to be game to try most things and we have a lots of fun and laughter every week.

Dru yoga is very soft and flowing with adapatations given for those that are less able and for those that need a more advanced practice....the great thing about Dru yoga is it suits evryone.

You don't need to be flexible to start or have 100% good health; if you have any medical problems it is always a good idea talk it over with your doctor or medical practitioner to find out your limitations and be sure to pass this information on to your yoga teacher.

Your will feel fabulous after your yoga practice, it is excellent to ease a niggly painful back and shoulders, you will also benefit from better balance as well as flexibility and it will give you energy as well as helping you to feel calm and relaxed.

Try a class out....what have you got to lose!

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