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Tips & Yoga Postures For Beating Colds & Flu This Autumn

Tip 1: This is a no brainer; we all know it but often neglect state the obvious... Eat a balanced diet to include lots of dark green veg and drink plenty of water. Cut down on toxins in the body such as Alcohol and sugar.

Tip 2: Take Time out to breathe properly and expand your lung capacity. Take in a full breath by imagining your lungs are milk bottles and fill the air from the bottom to the top and pause for a few seconds feeling the expansion in the rib cage before letting the air our slowly through the nose and repeat 5 times a few times a day.....It will not only help your immune system but will help to combat fatigue.

Tip 3: I am constantly telling my kids this one.......Stop biting your nails and don't put your fingers in your mouth!! It’s no secret that germs are everywhere; on every door knob, on money we exchange, desks we sit at to name a few, so transferring those germs into your mouth is asking for trouble.

Tip 4: Take a zinc supplement if you feel under the weather....In my job where I am constantly with the public, in schools and nurseries I am very aware that I need to keep my immune system high and Zinc is my go to supplement if I feel something coming on, which so far has worked well at keeping those germs at bay.

Tip 5: Anti- Bacteria gel!! It is worth keeping a pocket size in your car, bag and laptop case and if like me your work with the public use it after every visit.

Tip 6: Meditation is so under rated yet so good for not only your sanity at times but it has been proved that it can keep sick days at bay too. Just 10 minutes is as good as a couple of hours sleep. Just sit still in any comfortable position. Breathe deeply to relax and then concentrate on relaxing every individual body part. Don’t think about anything but what is happening to your body, dismiss any thoughts of the past or future...It takes some practicing, but well worth the effort.

Tip 7: We all know that physical activity is good for us on a physical, emotional and mental level, so do some regular exercise; take a brisk walk, have a swim, a gym session or class or do some yoga. ........well I am a yoga teacher this one had to be included :)

Tip 8: Think positive!! Our immunity definitely dips when we are feeling low and our cup is half empty and not half full....Look at what you have in your life, not what you don't have or what you have achieved not what you have not achieved. If you feel too low to think of anything, look outside and see the nature around you and feel grateful that you are part of this wonderful plant......Think HAPPY!!

Yoga Postures for your Immune System

Seated Twists (Ardha Matsyendrasana) - Massages the internal organs, particularly the kidneys, helping to get rid of toxins in the body and great for helping with anger and frustrations as a bonus!!

Cobra or Sphinx (Bhujangasana) - Stimulates the Thymus gland which is responsible for the growth of T cells which is the bodies first response to cold and flu.

Downward Dog - Adhu Mukha Svaasana - Increases circulation, helps with stress - putting a block or cushions under the head makes the posture more resorative and less intense.

Supported Fish - Matsyasana - Restorative posture which opens the heart and lungs, helps break up congestion and balances the nervous system.

Leg up Wall - Viparita Karani) - De-stresses the body and helps boost the immune system. This is a very relaxing posture especially if you have been on your feet all day.

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