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Swinging babies by their arms and legs is not baby yoga!!

OK, so in Russia there is a lady that swings babies around by their arms and legs and around her head and calls it baby yoga.....THIS IS NOT BABY YOGA!!!

Anyone that has been trained in baby yoga in the UK as far as I am aware will not be flinging your baby around their head...if they do please be sure to report it to their training body or insurance company as this is not considered a safe practice.

Baby yoga in the UK is a gentle approach to stretching within a baby's natural range of movement in order to aid development. It is beneficial in many ways to all babies but in particular for premature babies, special needs or babies with delayed development.

Yes inversions are included in baby yoga, but delivered safely:

No baby should be held by their ankles and dangled upside down as there is too stress put on their joints.

Babies that have no head control should not do the full inversion

Only healthy babies should be inverted, babies with heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, eye, ear or nose conditions or if a baby has a cold, hypermobility or hypomobility should not be inverted.

A good baby yoga class should be well planned and follow a structure where there is a warm up at the beginning, a relaxation at the end and a full range of exercises in the middle to include tummy time.

If you want the best for your baby you should check that the Teacher is fully qualified in baby yoga, has public liability insurance which states they are insured for baby yoga (preferably for up to £5m), have a current first aid and safeguarding certificate; which is renewed every 3 years.....don't be afraid of asking to check the teachers certificates; if the teacher has nothing to hide they would be more than willing to show you...after all you are trusting them with your baby!

Try a class out but if you don't like don't be afraid of trying another class with a different with every class whether it be an adult or children's class it is only as good as the delivery and you will warm to some instructors and not to others.

You may wonder why some baby classes you attend at pay as you go and others are block booking....well generally those that block book restrict the numbers that attend for health and safety reasons...a good instructor will always make this their priority over the financial gain of overcrowding. Fewer numbers mean that the instructor can observe the class better and ensure that movements are done safely and give individual attention. If the class is cheap, you may want to question why??

Babies are delicate; some more than others and many first time parents are novices, so you want to be confident that the teacher is knowledgeable in their subject of baby yoga to give your baby the best start in life.

Most parents in my classes meet others that become life is always lovely to see returning parents, even after 7 years and they still regularly meet up with people they met at baby yoga when their babies were only a few weeks old. A good class will encourage peer bonding as well as parent/baby bonding.

To Re-cap - Choose a Well Planned Class - Check Credentials - Check if Limited Numbers - HAVE FUN!!

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