• Michele Burton

Tips for a Bloated Tummy on the run up to Christmas

During the festive season, it is not only Christmas Day that we encounter a bloated tummy. With all the rich food on offer not only in the restaurants and cafes we visit but in the work place, all the home baking and generally we love to gorge ourselves with the excuse ...well its Christmas!!

Well I have some tips that may help with that bloated feeling and not only for adults but some great videos to share with your baby to help with them digestive problems which may pass on through the breast milk.

When performing exercises to alleviate bloating for grown-ups you may want to go into a room on your own...this will save you much embarrassment.

Lie on you back and gently peddle your legs, squeezing each side of your lower tummy.

Then gently bring your knees into your chest and stretch out your legs along the floor …....repeat this a few times.

Hold the knees into your chest and slowly start to turn the knees in a clockwise direction adding to the pressure on the ascending and descending colon.

When visiting the toilet have your knees higher than your hips and gently massage your tummy in a clockwise direction, relaxing all you muscles with every outbreath……..and with any luck you should feel considerably more comfortable

This works on children and adults alike, but for your baby you may want to follow this video:

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